is an independent destination blog dedicated only to traveling in the Maldives.

Why Are We Here? is an independent destination blog dedicated only to the Maldives highlighting with depth and pride beautiful things happening in the tourism sector of the islands.

This blog is only about traveling around the Maldives. Going to Maldives, I know how disparate information is available and they, often, can be overwhelming. The Maldives has long opened its welcome mat to the world and yet there is no definitive guide online how can one travel around.


The Soul of This Space on the Internet.

This blog hopefully becomes a travel companion so you can travel better (lesser anxiety) and prepare what you need to before arriving.

I hope you go with a purpose and leave with all the benefits of renewed, ever fresh and happy traveler. Take your time to enjoy what you read, be present for things you can do, and take it all in. Have fun and enjoy!

MaldivesPrimer will do its very best to bring you the most relevant, quality content so you will have the best planning and stay of your time.

Two hopes of this blog:

That you vote what you love with your wallet by supporting local businesses that you believe supports the identity of the Maldives.

That you will arrive with fresh eyes to value the destination’s natural and cultural heritage.

I hope that you would find great beauty filled with unforgettable activities in the Maldives upon your stay and that you’re inspired to come back soon to take in even more.



"Hi! I'm Marcus, the principal curator of, before this blog I used to be in international management consulting. I frequently travel around and decided to make the most of what I've learned to uplift travelers lives through sharing wonderful travel tips and stories."

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